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Just want to say hi. Just listening to some things with you on youtube. I was lucky to have worked with you a while in Gas Light Square. (the Living Room) Keep doin' what you're doin'!

A note from a fan

Bonnie Bramlett, I simply wanted to tell you how much I love your music. I was hoping you were going to be performing somewhere at the End of May. When asked what I wanted for my 50th birthday, one of the top things on my list was to see you preform live. I see there are no preformance date on this site since 2012. I do hope you are still jamming on stage. The world needs your voice and your spirit! If you happen to be anywhere near Cleveland Ohio at the end of May 2017 please know that there is an open invite and a guitar waiting for you. Nothing like singing under the stars.. I do hope life has showered you with love, light and vivid color. Thanks for giving us the magic of your voice.. love, Tammy R Ray..


She is amazing! I had her sing with John Oates and Margo Rey. Also on Rosanne but I never knew her name. Now that I know it I wish I could see her live and I hope to find some recordings of her. Again, she is amazing, her voice is unbelievable.

just a fan

i made it my mission to seek out the name of the young woman with the soulful back ups on Lie To Me W/ Jonny Lang . thank you for years of great music

Brass Ring on Ventura Blvd

I was a cocktail waitress there when you, and so many others played there. I can still hear both of our voices even now. I could never play any thing but I am so good at appreciating good music. Thank you for being there.

Deja vu

I have a cousin who lived in East Alton, Il... His name was Red Rhodes. Take Care


Hi Bonnie,

Once when we were at Bob's house you told me that when you hire singers you ask them if they're good. If they say, "Yeah, I'm good" you
hire them. If they hem and haw and such, you pass.
You're fearless and have the talent and experience back it up. Knowing you has helped me build confidence in myself, my talent and my skills.
Thanks! Looks like things are going well for you. Take care. Pep

New Zealand fan

Hi there Bonnie, I'm such a huge longtime fan down here in New Zealand I love all your music your so amazing, talented and inspiring so thank you for all the pleasure you give and all the very best always from this truly grateful fan.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY BONNIE! I had the pleasure of working @ NewsChannel 5 for 33 years (now retired)as audio engineer...& loved the time YOU & BEKKA were on TALK of the TOWN & performed "Come on into my kitchen"...i mixed that & BEKKA's appearance on "Words & Music" Classic moment... now doing an AMERICANA radio show on WSGI in Springfield,TN would love to have a few of your CDs to play. Thanks Jay Preston Americana Country WSGI 200 WDBL Radio Rd Springfield,TN 37172

Nashville Invite

Always been a that I have my own production company WindDancer Productions International Corp. in Nashville...would like to make some music with you...we fund feature films and do our own soundtracks..if we find something for you to put some vocals one we would like to talk with partner is Pat McManus..we wrote Little Rock for Reba...My Baby Is American Made for the Oakes and many cell is 1-615-956-5292...just cause I'm CEO/President don't mean I've quit playing bass...XHollywood studio picker...thanks for you time...Jack McGhee