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thank you


I wanted to write and thank you for all the years of enjoyment through your music, and how it has enriched my life.

i have all of Delaney & Bonnie albums, your solo albums & singles. i even found a website that has a section called 'sessions' which list all of your duets, backing vocals with other artist, etc

i looked on Amazon and found 90% of them.

i have the 1971 A&R Studio session with The Allman Brothers & King Curtis CD. I loved when the announcer said that Singer, who sponsored it, said would no longer do so, and you replied ' I ain't got no sewing machine!'  do you remember that?  classic.

just seeing the pictures of you with George Harrison, Eric Clapton, being at Eric's house, singing with Roseanne, what a life. I saw you on youtube singing at Leon Russell's memorial service and it was very moving, also saw you sing at Music City Roots Live at The Factory and Leon was in the audience.

loved the interview you did with Dann Rogers and he said he was 65 and you responded, I'm 73 1/2!

I currently reside, and was born in Memphis. i understand you have ties to Memphis, and have lived here. Didn't you record your first album 'Home' here in 1969?

Thanks again for all the joy you have brought me, and the rest of the world.

God bless you and your daughters.

Michael McCall

Love your soul

I first heard you sing on Roseanne. I decided to look you up after all those years ago that I first heard your wonderful voice. Now I'm hooked . Your sound your range, it's amazing. I'm sorry that you lost your other half. Life has a way of showing us how human we are. Again,I'm so sorry. I'm going to to getting all of your music and get my kids listening as well. Thanks for the beautiful vibes that come with that melodious voice.


Hello Bonnie, I have enjoyed your work from the Tulsa Ball field to every show that you and Delany ever put on. We know a lot of the same musicians, and I was wondering if we could get together and make some new music together? I will work up some tunes with friends,.and see what works for you Bonnie? Be well, Be safe, and I loved you as a bartender. David w Wharton

Hi Bonnie

I don't know if you ever got the message from before. I had left a message, and received a response from you. After a bit, I received another message - but this second message was evidently intercepted by someone else, posing as you - it had all the earmarks of a scam. So I sent a copy to address at this comments area, but never heard back... and began to wonder if you even knew of this. I wanted your site to be safe. ___________ It was a very long time after I first saw the movie "Vanishing Point" that I learned that D&B was the band on the flatbed truck. I have always felt that you were one of the most neglected singers when it came to audience appreciation. It took several years of searching before I was finally to have my very own copy of the lp "The Original Delaney & Bonnie - Accept No Substitutes". I finally was able to get an official pressing made in England. And I also still keep you in my prayers


HAPPY BIRTHDAY BONNIE! Love and Blessings,Dust


We love u bones....we r on mountain top in northern cal......we love u

koining instagram

will u ever get an instagram acct & will I EVER get to meet u after a conceert & will u write an auto biography? GF-your the first one I heard Superstar from & its been the story of my life! Your awesome! don't let ANYONE tell u otherwise! Susan Giammarino giammarino susan on I.G.


Good to catch you on MCR on June 25, 2018. Leon was in the audience. Your sister sang with you. You still rock!!!

Remembering you and Delanie

I left Indiana in April, 1968 for L.A. and magically signed my first publishing deal as a young songwriter.  My manager booked rehearsal time for me at Modern Musical Services because I had no piano in L.A.   I was then hired by Ed Van Sloten in the instrument rental department. I was there, behind the fence checking in and out the B-3's,  guitars, amps, electric keyboards.  I played them all afternoon and night to make sure they were ok when they were returned.  What a gig!  My mind is still there as I remember stenciling Clapton's name on cases, ordering his Fender Champs that he used in the studio after purposely blowing the speaker,  I learned.  I remember you and Delanie,  you with your blond pixie cut.  My demo engineer Rue Barkley told me he played music with Delanie.  I still love your album,  especially,  "When This Battle is Over".   I'm aching to be back,  wishing I could have a "Take Two" on those years.  Still a dreamer,  a songwriter and aching for all those we've lost.  Nobody taught me how to grow old.  I'm still learning.  I'd love to hear from you.  Love is the melody;  life is the song.

Music City Roots TV

Hi Miss Bonnie
Just saw you on the Music City Roots TV show on PBS. Man you sounded so good!!! And the band too. Leon was in the audience so this must have been taped a while ago. When the video cut to a close up of him, well I just lost it a bit. Tears running down my cheeks coaxed by warm, wonderful memories of two of my favorites from back in the day. Saw Delaney & Bonnie and Friends in Carnegie Hall in 1970 or 71. Duane Allman, Eric Clapton, maybe Dave Mason too? Can't remember (you know how it was). Great show, you guys kicked some serious butt that night. My best wishes to you.
Johnny G