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"Roseanne" redux

The question is, Bonnie, will you be appearing on the rebooted "Roseanne" soon? Love to see that.

upcoming hall of fame...

Dear Bonnie--Sending you big hugs. Sorry you're no longer here in town (was the house and studio on Zelzah near louise?) but I understand things are a little less crazy where you are now. I also started some work with the RnR folks (as a former member of the Chambers Brothers), and it was like walking thru molasses...I wish nothing but the best for you and yours, love Stephen 'Doc' Patt

Bonnie on Roseanne

Dear Bonnie, I really when you sang on Roseanne especially the song You really got a hold on me. I think you are wonderful and.i hope you continue sharing your great voice. Thanks


Bonnie... I've played trumpet and harmonica and written some. Billie Holiday and Louie Armstrong have always been my inspiration... UNTIL YOU CAME ALONG! I can't listen to you without crying. You touch something deep inside of me. I hear you! I have congestive heart disease and have had a few heart attacks,but at 71 now, but will always fight for my health (I'm looking to 80). I can listen to you on youtube. I've downloaded songs from you and Delaney and you going back to 1969 and forward. I know I don't have long now, but my energy and spirit are enlivened listening to you. Now, it is so strong that I don't need the internet or CD's, I hear you in my head! We'll never meet and you may never even read this, but I trust you know there are millions like me who are inspired by, touched deeply by and... thank you. Lovingly, Cha'

Thank You Bonnie..!

Dear Bonnie, Thank you for allowing us to express and share our thoughts on your website! The music of Delaney and Bonnie was the soundtrack of the best times of my life. For those of us who believe in soulmates, you and Delaney epitomized that relationship. The pain of living a large part of one's life without that special person, with both the joys and sorrows, is hard to bear. As one who has gone through that experience, I have always appreciated what you must have been through. Listening to your amazing voice and seeing you persevere through the rest of your life has been an inspiration to many of us. We trust that God has a plan, and that we will once again be united with those we love. Thank you Bonnie and peace be with you!


Would love to hear you sing live some day. You have been a inspiration for me in my own music. Thank you

Delaney and Bonnie with friends

Hi Bonnie,i just want to take time out to thank you for all the great music that you & Delaney have given me & all your fans.I am a recent retiree from the railroad here in New Jersey where I worked for 40 years and plenty of cold dark nights when I was working ot your music got me thru the night.Like yourself I am a deeply rooted family person and have turned my children on to your music which they now love. I. can only hope the Rock & Roll hall of fame wake up and understand what Delaney & Bonnie brought to the world of music and how many other artists were inspired by the two of you! Your musical legacy lives on as one of the greatest live bands to take the stage!

Will the Circle Be Unbroken

Hi Bonnie, My darling co- writer and beloved Lana passed on July 13, 2017 at age 69 after a short but valiant fight with cancer. In her last weeks, I sat bedside with my acoustic guitar playing her favorite country/folk covers and our original material. In her last hours, she asked me to play the Delaney and Bonnie up tempo soulful rendition of the Will Circle Be Unbroken. During her last moments of being able to communicate ,she uttered to me how much I she loved her preferred style of delivery of the song; that being your style Bonnie. She asked me to keep writing our songs of hope, faith, joy and grace. After seeing how you have continued to be the "keeper of the flame" (one of our songs) after your profound loss, this connecting star in the sky will push me forward to continue with our dream of making a difference as you have with projects like "Beautiful." Thank you for reading. God Bless. Sincerely, Rick Cortes 360-689-9801

Love your music

Just sitting here in mid-town Saint Louis, Mo with you on my turn table enjoying...Bonnie: timeless and always in tune...You should come to Saint Louis sometime...they built a new Alton bridge that opened in 1994 and it is a work of art cable stayed bridge..the album on my turn table is "D&B Together" sounds awesome...bought it at "Vintage Vinyl" in University City on the Delmar Loop...might jog old memories for you...take care, Bonnie and hope to see you hereabouts sometime... your fan, Mark Morris


Can you tell me if there has ever been a biography on you Bonnie? I've searched e-bay and amazon, but I've come up with nothing. If there isn't one, I wonder "Why the hell not????" Cheers Tony