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Delaney and Bonnie with friends

Hi Bonnie,i just want to take time out to thank you for all the great music that you & Delaney have given me & all your fans.I am a recent retiree from the railroad here in New Jersey where I worked for 40 years and plenty of cold dark nights when I was working ot your music got me thru the night.Like yourself I am a deeply rooted family person and have turned my children on to your music which they now love. I. can only hope the Rock & Roll hall of fame wake up and understand what Delaney & Bonnie brought to the world of music and how many other artists were inspired by the two of you! Your musical legacy lives on as one of the greatest live bands to take the stage!

Will the Circle Be Unbroken

Hi Bonnie, My darling co- writer and beloved Lana passed on July 13, 2017 at age 69 after a short but valiant fight with cancer. In her last weeks, I sat bedside with my acoustic guitar playing her favorite country/folk covers and our original material. In her last hours, she asked me to play the Delaney and Bonnie up tempo soulful rendition of the Will Circle Be Unbroken. During her last moments of being able to communicate ,she uttered to me how much I she loved her preferred style of delivery of the song; that being your style Bonnie. She asked me to keep writing our songs of hope, faith, joy and grace. After seeing how you have continued to be the "keeper of the flame" (one of our songs) after your profound loss, this connecting star in the sky will push me forward to continue with our dream of making a difference as you have with projects like "Beautiful." Thank you for reading. God Bless. Sincerely, Rick Cortes 360-689-9801

Love your music

Just sitting here in mid-town Saint Louis, Mo with you on my turn table enjoying...Bonnie: timeless and always in tune...You should come to Saint Louis sometime...they built a new Alton bridge that opened in 1994 and it is a work of art cable stayed bridge..the album on my turn table is "D&B Together" sounds awesome...bought it at "Vintage Vinyl" in University City on the Delmar Loop...might jog old memories for you...take care, Bonnie and hope to see you hereabouts sometime... your fan, Mark Morris


Can you tell me if there has ever been a biography on you Bonnie? I've searched e-bay and amazon, but I've come up with nothing. If there isn't one, I wonder "Why the hell not????" Cheers Tony


Your voice is amazing! You have been gifted with an angel voice & I could listen to you all the time. I enjoyed your perfomances on TV series Roseanne. I lived on Alton Illinois for a short time & was surprised to learn that's your home town. Sincerely, Tamara

Festival Express

Way back in the mists of time (1970), I saw you play the Festival Express in Canada.  Fabulous.  Time slips by and I find myself wondering "Who was playing in the band at that gig?"  If you get a chance, it would be great if you could let me know.

Thanks (for a lifetime of musical pleasure).

Fond memories

Bonnie, first I'd like to say that I'm a huge fan of yours, and am in awe of how powerful, and soulful , your voice is. And Bekka has inherited that gift and ran with it. I was a close friend of your brother Michael in the seventies, eighties, and nineties but lost touch . We worked together surveying at Ga Pwr. , and we hung out and even double dated ( while he was dating Gina , and after they married) my name is Michael and my girlfriend' s name was Gina too. He was ten or twelve years older than me, and I respected and looked up to him. I met you a couple of times in FORSYTH , I remember you asking me if I knew where you could find some good Ga clay. I hope you still enjoy doing pottery, and by the way we have clay in our creek banks if you need any. I have so many stories about Mike, and think of him often. He sure loved you , that was apparent in his eyes when he told stories about your childhood. (Someone changed the word " police" on a cop car to read "lice"?) I miss my friend. God bless you and yours , sincerely , a friend of Bill W., MJ


I came to your altar late in the game. But I do worship your great talent. You bring me to tears when you sing. Thank you!


Just wanted you to know I have enjoyed D&B music since the early 70's . I decided to look you up online and found this site, so God bless you and thank you for making great and unique music through the years. It always makes me happy when I put my old cds on. Never ending love is the best!

You inspire me Ms.Bramlett

Hello Ms.Bramlett, I just wanted to drop you a few lines. I am a 33 year young woman who has been singing since the age of 4, I have tried many times to get into the music scene but no such luck. I want to say that you inspire me so much, I grew up watching Roseanne and every time I see you sing or perform on the episode with your husband I get teary eyed in a good way your voice goes to my soul. I still sing but now mostly for myself and family,music truly fills my heart and soul. I recently just found out that you toured with Ike and Tina I was recently in LA and got to visit the home the two lived in as I am a huge Tina Turner fan. I just think its so cool that you sang with her. Still seeing those episodes of you singing makes me want to keep singing you truly have a raw and beautiful vioce a true gift. Thank you for your time, I'm sorry this message became an essay. With much respect, Jasmine